Make a difference

By supporting a cause related to your company you do not only attract good PR and a pat on the shoulder, but can also strengthen your relationship to your associates, employees and consumers.

RTI has developed a sponsorship program that can do both: 

Traditional Sponsoring

As a non-profit organization we depend on frequent support. Everything from travel seats to our missions abroad, print services for our flyers or markers for the white board while teaching demands a supplier. In return we can offer, appart from the obvious goodwill, exposure in our channels as well as the option to use our logo, content and stories in your own marketing.


Sponsorship Program


We teach the basic methods in wilderness medicine that gives your team the skill to survive or/and help others in rural territories. The course will not only strengthen the individual but also the whole group. The perfect kick-off opportunity.

Intrested? Do not hesitate to throw us a line at

We are a small growing organization and above exemplifies what a collaboration could look like. But if you have any special requests, we are ready to listen and develop a solution that works for us both!