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Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic injuries are globally the leading cause of death among people under 45 years of age, overshadowing malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS combined.

A third of these deaths are due to treatable conditions e.g. airway problem or bleeding. These conditions can be addressed with fundamental first aid. Unfortunately, many people lack access to timely prehospital care.


Mongolia, the largest landlocked country in the world and is also the world’s least densely populated country. Of the 3 million inhabitants 25-40% still live in the countryside and as nomads.
Mongolia’s modern healthcare system was developed during the Soviet period in the 1920’s with focus on centralized healthcare, and the country’s only level 1 trauma center is in the capital Ulaanbaatar. Regional and provincial hospitals exist but no structured prehospital system.

The Expedition

Our goal is to improve the outcome after traumatic injuries in rural Mongolia through education and by providing crucial first aid material.

We will travel from Ulaanbaatar to the westernmost region of Altai mountain range, stopping at villages along the way, collecting data and giving courses. For a duration of a couple of weeks, our home will be with the nomads in Altai.

Route Expedition Mongolia


Olivia Kiwanuka M.D, DiMM

Olivia Kiwanuka M.D, DiMM

Project Leader

Swedish surgeon, expedition medic and PhD-student within the field of traumatic brain injury. Author of “Wilderness Medicine- first aid and health care in the remote setting”. Developed several courses within the field of wilderness medicine and first responder. Founder of Adventure Medicine Sweden. Worked and studied in 7 different countries on 4 continents.

Bayarsaikhan Luvsandorj Mongol, MD

Bayarsaikhan Luvsandorj Mongol, MD

Local Expertise

Gynecologist, researcher, and avid mountaineer. Deputy Director, National Cancer Center Of Mongolia. Mongolian doctor of the year, President of Mongol Hiking society and summiteer of several +8000m peaks, including Mount Everest.


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