2015 the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals; 17 goals to implement before 2030 in order to make the world better. The 2030 Agenda aims to mobilize efforts in all countries, regardless of their wealth, for prosperity and protection of the planet. We are proud to promote 3 of the goals in our next expedition: goal 3, 4 and 5.

Goal 3: Good health and well-being

Good health is essential for a thriving society. By empowering people with first aid knowledge we hope that the consequences of trauma will be reduced, resulting in healthier societies

Goal 4: Quality Education

Quality education is deemed to be the foundation to create sustainable development. Even though our course is a single event, it has a defined purpose and may inspire to further education

Goal 5: Gender Equality

For us, gender equality is a given. This is unfortunately not the case everywhere in the world. Our courses are for men and women, boys and girls. We hope to educate at least 50% women and girls.

We work towards a sustainable development 2030 – today